The Ultimate Guide to Orthodontic Marketing: Ch 1 – The Orthodontic Marketing Funnel

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The Ultimate Guide to Orthodontic Marketing: Ch 1 – The Orthodontic Marketing Funnel

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Here’s what we cover in the video:
What even IS a marketing funnel? – You’ve probably heard the term marketing funnel before, but what does this really mean? A google search will pull up millions of articles, videos, and ads on the topic. This begs the question, “Where should I start?!”In this video, we’ll cover a simple definition of marketing funnel and provide some mental models to help you understand the concept. Simply put, a marketing funnel is a framework.

What is the ORTHODONTIC marketing funnel?
As an Orthodontist (a local, service-based business), you may find it difficult to see how concepts like the marketing funnel apply to your own practice. At, our goal is to help you understand marketing as a whole so you can grow your practice the right way over time—not just have a few wins (or losses) with a handful of haphazard marketing campaigns.

Why do I need a marketing funnel?
Hopefully by this point in the video you realize that this is a…stupid question.

What can I successfully outsource in my orthodontic marketing funnel?
This. This is the more important question, how are we going to take ACTION??

Here are our recommendations:
In House:
Determining your messaging and branding
Posting Content to Social Media

Video editing
Facebook and Instagram Ads
Graphic design
Referral programs
Patient Events

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