This blog post generates leads and sales (free content marketing template) #shorts #contentmarketing

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This blog post generates me leads and sales (free content marketing template)

This blog post template generates me sales and leads 24 hours a day, every single day. It’s super simple. I’ll start with a headline. So, go ahead and check out one of my previous videos to learn how to write a decent headline. I’ll start by saying in this blog post, this is what I’m going to teach you. I’ll then say most people struggle with a really common roadblock or problem that people struggle with.

Then I’ll say most people believe a really common myth or self-limiting belief. Then I’ll go into the solution, maybe three to five to seven bullet points, odd numbers work best. The fewer the better and I’ll actually outline the steps on how to solve that problem.

Then I’ll end with if you’re serious about topic, if you’re serious about losing weight, generating leads, increasing SEO rankings, or whatever, download our lead magnet. So, I finished the call to action with if you’re serious about “blank”. This is my blog post framework.

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