This funnel makes me $1,000/Month even 2 years later… (Passive Income with Clickfunnels)

So I launched this funnel about 2 years ago and so far it’s generated over $70,300 in passive income.

That’s over 1900+ sales and I haven’t touched the funnel in those 2 years.

In this video you’ll learn:
– How I built a 1k/m passive income stream (one of a few)
– How you can do the same, in your niche
– How you can copy my process
– How you can start for free today with e free funnel template
– And much more

Here’s the free funnel template: b

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😎 About Gusten:

Gusten Sun is an entrepreneur in the online marketing industry. He’s the CEO of Freedom Funnels™, Frameworks™ and FulltimeFunnelDesigner™ among a few other passive income streams.

His main business is an online Funnel Agency helping industry leaders make more sales and profit with high converting sales funnels. Previous and current funnel clients include Robert Kiyosaki, Russell Brunson, Clickfunnels, Dan Kennedy’s company Magnetic Marketing (now owned by Clickfunnels), Steve Larsen, Anthony Morrison, Adrian Morrison, Krista Mashore, Akbar Sheikh, Till Boadella, Josh Nelson, Frazer Brookes and many other 7 and 8 figure entrepreneurs.

After 400+ funnels built over the last few years and creating a life of financial freedom, he’s now focused on helping others learn the power of sales funnels, both for their own products and services.

The education company is called Fulltime Funnel Designer, and besides helping people start & scale their funnel agency to $10k/month, he’s also helping business owners in all niches build better funnels that both look amazing and convert like crazy.

What makes the trainings unique is for every concept, there’s a framework and pre-made tools and templates done-for-you so you can just plug and play them into your own business and save months of hard work and thousands of dollars in the process.

Learn more at m

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