THIS is How You LEAD People to Your Sales Funnel

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So you did the work and everyone should just flock to you to buy your products, right? 🙅‍♀️ WRONG. You need to continue to lead people in to your sales funnel to get them to buy. In this video we will provide you some great tips on how to do that! 👍

✅ You have to be loud over all the noise of other ads on social media. It’s not easy and that is why you need to be creative in getting eyes on your ads and getting people to follow that link.

✅ Be everywhere! Make sure your link is on your social media, website, blogs, etc. Every link has to have a strong call to action. Make it a story that people are intrigued by so they want to find out more.

✅ Creating an ad one time isn’t enough and you have to always be testing new micro angles and we can teach you in our course here at

✅ Make sure you know where the crowd is and follow them where they are on social media. Build these opportunities by using influencers to help get your message out to their followers.

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THIS is How You LEAD People to Your Sales Funnel
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