Thrive Architect Tutorial: How to Create A Sales Funnel With Thrive Architect

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In this Thrive Architect Tutorial, I will teach you how to create a sales funnel with Thrive Architect and WordPress.

To create the Thirve Architect sales funnel, there are 4 components of the WordPress Sales Funnel stack:

1. Thrive Architect –

2. Upsell Plugin –

3. GetResponse –

4. Stripe –

Thrive Architect is used for the front-end WordPress page-builder so you don’t need to know how to code

Upsell Plugin allows you to create all the sales funnel functionality on any WordPress website, not just using Thrive Architect. It gives you the ability to offer one click upsells, one click downsells, order bumps, 2-step checkouts, etc. All that fun sales funnel stuff to help increase AOV (average order values)

GetResponse is used for email marketing. With GetResponse you’re able to properly setup you automation so you can target your customer and leads with laser-focused emails.

Stripe is used to process the payments. They accept all major credit cards and will allow you to accept one click upsells/downsells.

With this Thirve Architect sales funnel stack, you can replicate everything ClickFunnels offers, but at a fraction of the cost. Allowing you to save money on the technology which you can now invest into advertising your products/services… growing your business!

Let me know any questions about this Thrive Architect tutorial and how you can create a sales funnel using Thrive Architect.

Happy sales funnel building!

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