Thrivecart Tutorial: How to Sell Booking Appointments in a Sales Funnel

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If you are a coach or a consultant and you’re trying to sell your time online what is the best way to do it In this video I’m going to give you two options that I think you’re going to like Hey guys John here from income again, and in this video I’m going to show you how you can use calendly or really any booking service and create a sales funnel using Thrive Cart and integrate them together, very nicely so you can sell your time and even be able to upsell and down sell larger chunks of time also.

Okay. It’s going to make a lot of sense. Let me give you a couple of examples of why you might want to do this instead of using something that’s already built in. So let me first show you the alternative way of doing things kind of a standard way is some booking services like I think commonly has this built in and book like a boss also is able to do this they’ll allow you to charge for an hour block up front and they’ll go the set their time up and then make the purchase process right there.

And that’s just solid option. It’s a good option. I’m not knocking that option. I’m going to give you an alternative reality alternative option for you that may make you more money over time. So in this tutorial I’m going to show you specifically how we can use Thrive Carts special URL settings.

To link up into calendar any booking service really. It doesn’t require an integration to allow you to sell your time and create a sales funnel to sell more time at a higher premium. Okay, let’s dive right in. So here we are in my Thrive Cart account what I’m going to do here.

I’m going to create a new product. I’ll just make a quick little digital product and here let me just call this a one-hour coaching. I’m not going to make this too pretty. I want to get the point across here and I’ll leave it in test mode. Now for pricing let’s go ahead and say we’re going to charge $100 for an hour.

That’s perfectly fine, just like that. All right and I’ll just kind of click through some of the settings here We’re not going to do a bump offer for this in particularly Let’s go ahead and give us a payment processor I’m going to fly through this really quick So I want to I want to just show you the theory when we get to that screen here.

Alright, so here we go. So we made it to the fulfillment section and we’re just going to give some sort of a support URL here. Now what happens after they purchase? So here’s where it’s a little bit different. Here we’re going to do is actually send them to the booking page on the thank you page of this sales funnel, and I’ll explain why as we go.

So here I’m going to send them to a URL once they purchased and the URL is going to be whatever calendar. We’re booking service you want that’s going to take them directly into that booking time. So just for an example, I have a free calendar account and this can work for the free account as well for a free calendar.

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