Top 3 Tips to Boost Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Here are our Top 3 Social Media Marketing Strategy Tips to Help Booster your Profile. Check out the results we’ve achieved for financial services companies here /

Social media marketing continues to top the charts as one of the top lead generation strategies for finance and professional services alike.

My name is Ashley Jessen from and today I am going to outline my top 3 tips to ensure your social media marketing strategy is generating results for your business.

Tip number 1 is to ensure you and your team are creating content worth sharing.

The whole idea of social media is to engage, share and open the discussion. If all your content is about you, your products and services, then you are not going to get much engagement.

Your content is the cornerstone of your social media marketing. Your goal is to create content that sparks the interest of your target market, educates and informs and positions you as the expert.

Once your meet these criteria, you are well on the way to a winning social media strategy.

Tip number 2 is to identify a strategy for each channel. LinkedIn is very different from Facebook, which is very different to Twitter. Take the time to understand the message you need to create for each channel and commit to that strategy.

Your company may have both Business to Business and Business to Consumer channels and it is important for both to create an independent strategy that resonates with their specific audiences.

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