Top 5 FREE Landing Page Builders for Small Business [2021]

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Today we discuss our Top 5 FREE Landing Page Builders for Small Business in 2021.

This video is a landing page builder guide for small business owners or individuals that are looking for an easy to use, free, comprehensive landing page builder. Each landing page builder we identify and discuss in this video have practical differences and advantages that make each landing page software unique and fitting for different business requirements.

Building landing pages allow you to grow your audience and community as well as drive sales and capture contact information from your target market for future marketing activities.

► In this landing page guide for small business we cover the following:

0: 00 Intro
01: 24 MailChimp
02: 46 HubSpot CRM
04: 03 Google Sites
05: 26 Ucraft
06: 23 Klaviyo
07: 42 Outro

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