Top 5 Reasons To Go Platinum With ClickFunnel’s New Package

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Have You Seen The New Funnel Hacking Secrets Masterclass? s

If not, you don’t know what crazy juju you are missing out on – In this video, I’m going to cover down on the top 5 reasons to go Platinum with ClickFunnels’ new pre-paid package called Funnel Hacking Secrets which includes a 6-Month Subscription to ClickFunnels Platinum Plan.

The training is 100% updated by the ClickFunnels team in Toronto, so all those neat movie-like transitions you love to watch can be seen here, along with an on-demand presentation on how to funnel hack your way to success using tried and true online marketing techniques and skills.

If you haven’t seen the webby, click here, check it out: w

If you don’t care about the presentation, but want to breeze through the sales letter (which, btw, covers the whole webby), click here: s

If you already have ClickFunnels Platinum and just want to add an additional 6 months to your subscription, click here: r

Quick Tip: Purchases will double down – meaning if you buy this 2 times in a row, you will get 1 Year of ClickFunnels for just under $2k, saving you $1600.


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