Top Of Funnel Marketing: What Kind Of Content and Analytics Should You Use To Grow Awareness

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In this video, I talk about marketing funnels. You’ve probably heard the word marketing funnels associated with digital marketing because funnels are effective ways to generate leads, make sales, and sell additional products to your current customers.

In this video, I cover the top of the funnel. We talk about what kind of marketing you should do at the top of the funnel, what kind of content is appropriate, what kind of offers are appropriate and how to use top of funnel content to grow your business’ awareness.

Top of funnel is often referred to as “Vanity Metrics” because they’re usually easy to measure but don’t actually help to drive direct revenue. Even though you cna’t drive revenue from top of funnel activities, it doesn’t mean that these activities aren’t important.

You need to be building awareness of your business, but not at the expense of selling. Don’t forget to watch the other videos about the middle and bottom of the funnel as well!

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