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About Mr. Arun Goyal: He is the CIO at Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi India. Ex: Project Director, National Health Authority, National Digital Health Mission, Facility Director at Paras Health Care Ltd, Sr. Director at Quest Diagnostics, CISO at CBI, Asst. Director at Doordarshan
Mr. Arun Goyal is a business leader & seasoned professional with a flair for designing innovative strategies for accelerated growth for the organization, with 30+ years of experience in Government and Corporate at CXO level spanning across industries including ITES, Healthcare & Digital health. Proven competence in driving re-engineering as well as transformational strategies leading to top-line growth as well as bottom-line improvement. Demonstrated excellence in designing an amalgamation of technology with people & processes, leading to a high level of operational excellence. Deft in interfacing with top management, driving direct teams, collaborating with cross-functional resources, and handling external stakeholders including vendors & statutory bodies for evolving strategic vision and driving change.

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Sugandh (AnyTechTrial.Com) – What are your top three priorities when you get to work in the morning?

Arun Goyal ( Sir Gangaram Hospital ) – It is very particular for me that the foremost thing that I do in the morning is that I plan my whole day’s work. I structure my day through my calendar, so when I take a look at that I will be aware of my responsibilities for the whole day. This is how one’s productivity and efficiency increased. These practices make you a disciplined person and also people around you start to do the same.
Another good practice that I have applied in my life is that I always keep a notebook and a pen with me and try to note down every important thing. I jot down every activity of mine every day and that is a very forceful activity that I do myself regularly.
So, all these habits are a must in my life and I do follow them rigorously and I swear by them which helps me to be more energetic and productive for my work…. more at AnyTechTrial.Com/notabletalks

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