Turn Leads into Customers with a Marketing Funnel

Marketing funnels serve businesses of all sizes holistically. They visualize the path customers take before purchasing your product or taking the desired action.

Developing your marketing strategy with the funnel in mind can put your business in the driving seat for success. You’ll be able to serve the right content, acquire qualified leads, nurture meaningful customer relationships and boost sales. Sounds great, right?

The question isn’t whether creating a marketing funnel is worth the effort. Instead, the big question is — how do you create effective marketing funnels that drive conversions over the top?

This article will explain what a marketing funnel is and how to turn leads into customers with a marketing funnel.

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In this video, we’ll cover:

00: 49 What is a marketing funnel?
01: 56 Why create a marketing funnel?
04: 35 Awareness
06: 14 Interest
07: 32 Consideration
09: 17 Conversion
10: 20 Loyalty

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