Tutorial: How to Build a High-Converting Landing Page Using LeadPages

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In this tutorial, I’m going to take you through – step-by-step – how to build a landing page using @Leadpages. I have used LeadPages for years and I have taken some landing pages from a 19% conversation rate to a 50% conversion rate. I’ll explain how I did that and also give you more tips along the way. This video will help you if you’re thinking about trying this tool.

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HERE ARE THE TOOLS YOU’LL NEED (affiliate links)

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Simple yet sophisticated email marketing software: c

The best hosting package for you website: g

Video Gear for YouTubers: t


0: 00 Introduction
01: 11 A landing page example
02: 49 Inside LeadPages
03: 59 Editing the LeadPage
07: 38 Linking it to email software
09: 36 Publishing it on your website
10: 27 Free email marketing course

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