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Gohighlevel is a marketing automation tool that allows you to automate a bunch of stuff in your marketing efforts. We like to call it a marketing CRM for a business. It works really, really well for marketing companies that are trying to service small businesses and or small businesses that want to generate more leads for themselves and want to automate a lot of the tasks that would require someone to do themselves.
It’s got things like a pipeline where you can track all the sales in different stages, and calendars, so you can easily replace calendly it’s got your contact list in there of all your contacts that you can keep track of.
It’s got one of the most outstanding features and there are conversations, conversations, it’s literally a two-way conversation and it keeps everything in one place. The conversation tabs are, absolutely amazing because it allows me to send a text message to a customer and receive a text message from them and just talk back and forth. Also, send an email, a Facebook messenger message an Instagram dm I can send a chat, I can receive a chat message from the website. So something similar to this was a matter of fact precisely this right, you can come in here entering your information and send message and that is received in the conversation tab in high level. And now we’re able to chat back and forth through either email or phone number because those that’s the pieces of information we’re collecting here.
Right? So that’s what high level is! On top of that, You can have marketing emails go out in there, you can have websites and and funnels built in their reputation management is a part of it. There’s a bunch of reporting stuff and you gotta check it out.
There are invoices in there as well and you can take payments through it also. So there’s all of that right inside high level and it’s probably the most robust automation software out there in comparison to things like Bird Eye, Active Campaign, Podium, and a bunch of the others that are out there. So we have a fantastic offer to help people get started at high level. So I’m gonna go ahead and pull that up. And it is the ultimate sign up offer with a bunch of bonuses in there for you. There are two price points high level comes with that are for marketing agencies. One is $297 per month And the other one is $497 per month. In both, you get unlimited sub-accounts.

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