Understanding Go High Level Pipelines with the High Level Guru

Understanding Pipelines with Go High Level, what is a pipeline, how do I setup a new pipeline? What’s the point of having a pipeline if I have access to contacts?

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Question: What is Go High Level?

Answer: Go High Level also known as High Level is a “one stop shop” marketing tool for agency owners or small business owners. Business owners can leverage High Level’s powerful tool set to help run just about every area of their day to day from customer acquisition, booked appointments, follow up, and more.

Question: What does Go High Level cost?

Answer: $97 monthly for a single account, $297 monthly for an Agency level account, and $497 monthly for an Agency Pro account.

Question: What’s the difference in the plans?

Answer: The $97 monthly or $81 annual plan is for a single account. If your a single business owner and don’t need to make multiple portals you can enjoy just about every feature Go High Level was built for. The high level plans are for businesses that need to make multiple portals, or intend to use Go High Level to sell as a service to other companies.

Question: Can I run my entire business on the $97 monthly / $81 annual plan?

Answer: YES, you can maximize Go High Level for your small business with this plan. Easily access features like texting, email, landing pages, websites, Stripe payment processing, Facebook & Google Ads integration, full Zapier Integration, and more.

Question: Why is the $297 monthly / $248 annual plan better?

Answer: This plan allows you to make UNLIMITED portals on the system that you can then add an UNLIMITED amount of users too. Any content you develop on any portal can be quickly copied to any other portal. You can develop a master template for any business or marketing need and then quickly replicate that entire portal template as many times as you want. You can sell UNLIMITED access to these portals.

Question: Why are the added features of getting the most expensive plan? $497 monthly / $414 annual?

Answer: This plan comes with all the features of the other plans but includes a couple very impressive features for agency owners. To be clear “agency owners” are people that have constructed an “offer” and are using Go High Level to help deliver that offer. Agency owners often become frustrated with Twilio and Email setup features that can become rather irritating to say the least when dealing with a high volume of clients. The solution for Go High Level was to allow agency owners to re-bill for texts and emails to clients to add extra revenue. Rather than guide clients through these cumbersome steps, you can now get paid for re-selling these services. There are a few other high power features included with this plan as well, check the Go High Level website or the videos below for more details about SaaS mode.

Question: What is Twilio and why do I need them?

Answer: Twilio is how Go High Level integrates the texting component of their system. Twilio is not affiliated with Go High Level and you will pay them directly for text related charges. The good news as of now Twilio does NOT charge any minimum monthly fees. They charge $1 per month per phone number and about 1 – 3 cents depending on message length. You pay for what you use with Twilio. Expect to pay 1 – 3 cents per message sent and received from your portal.

Question: Can I build landing pages and websites with Go High Level?

Answer: YES, you can design and build as many landing pages and websites as you want with Go High Level.

Question: I’m familiar with Click Funnels, does Go High Level look and feel similar to this type of landing page / website builder?

Answer: YES, the setup and features are very similar and if you had any type of success with Click Funnels or a similar type of web building experience you will find the Go High Level Funnel and Website builder even easier to use.

Question: How does the hosting work, does that cost extra?

Answer: There are ZERO in hosting fees with Go High Level. Simply buy a domain and then point that domain to your landing page. Avoid paying hosting fees, and costly slow downs when implementing new features. Within minutes you can develop, publish, and use a new landing page or website.

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