Use THIS webinar funnel to sell marketing funnels

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Use THIS webinar funnel to sell marketing funnels Get your free 3-step-lead generation plan here: s

If you have ever wanted to scale your sales process, or if you’re wanting to sell more marketing funnels, or maybe you’re looking to improve your sales process and you want to see if webinars are the right sales process for you, in this video, I’m going to share with you on how to use webinars to sell your marketing funnels to your clients that I’ve used and I’ve learned the hard way.

00: 00 Introduction
02: 11 Get the call to action right
03: 38 Expect a 1% conversion rate
04: 45 Fortune is in the follow-up
06: 04 Keep the webinar specific
07: 35 Use this basic funnel outline

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📷🎤💻 Gear I use:
● My webcam: M
● Camera: v
● Lens: x
● Smartphone microphone: V
● Desk mic: 8
● Tripod I use: V

⌨💻🖱Software and platforms
● Premium WordPress hosting: d
● Page builder: />● Email marketing: s
● Proposal software (BetterProposals): c

Cliff Notes:
Get the call to action right
Make the call to action extremely simple
Write out the CTA first
Have a CTA page
Expect a 1% conversion rate
You need around 100 people on a call to get 1 sale
Or 10 calls with 10 people
You can double or even 5x with….
Fortune is in the follow up
You’ve got their contact information
Email follow up for a few days after the call
Get people who took action or almost took action on another one to one call
Keep the webinar specific
Solve a specific problem
Make the “sell” a faster and easier solution to that problem
“3 steps to converting more free traffic on your website”
Use this basic funnel outline
Squeeze page
follow up

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