Using Amazon FBA to Fulfill ClickFunnels Orders

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Must link a payment method with clickfunnels account first

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Part 1:
Link Orderlytics to FBA Account:
1) Create Orderlytics Account (Link Above)
2) Copy Access Key ID & Secret Key from Seller Central Account
3) Copy Merchant/Seller ID from Seller Central Account
4) Set Shipping Speed to standard
5) Set Fulfillment Action to Ship
6) Set Fullfilment Policy to FillOrKill
7) Set Shipping Notification to Send Mail to User Only
8) Hit Save

Import FBA Product SKU’s
1) Products –_ Amazon Inventory
2) Select FBA Account
3) Display Inventory

Part 2:

1) Open Funnel within ClickFunnels
2) Add Orderlytics Webhook to funnel
3) Go to page within funnel that has product listed
4) Select Product Tab –_ Add Product –_ Fill out form –_ Hit “Create Product”
5) Copy product ID into Orderlytics

Add New Product to Orderlytics
1) Products –_ New Product
2) Select FBA for Retailer/Fulfillment
3) Insert Product ID from Clickfunnels
4) Enter Product ASIN
5) Set Desired price
6) Select Save

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