Watch Me Create A Simple Clickfunnels Landing Page Live – Affiliate Marketing 101

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Inside this video I create a simple clickfunnels landing page live. Yes, you get to see me create a landing page live and I also give you access to use it yourself.

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Inside this video I show you how to put together a simple landing page using Clickfunnels. In this simple landing page I show you a different approach to getting people to buy an affiliate product.

Yes, I show you why I like using Surveys to get people to engage with me before I show them what I want them to buy. Why? I do this because studies show that getting initial engagement first will actually increase the likelihood of somebody buying the products I am about to recommend.

If you have any questions on how to use clickfunnels for affiliate marketing or just need help with your affiliate marketing business then please ask me in the comment section below.

Thank you for watching and hopefully this simple landing page will give you ideas for your affiliate marketing business as well.

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