Webflow Transfer Project to Client – What You Need To Do

This is a quick video on Webflow transfer project to client, how I take a website I create on my Webflow account and transfer ownership to the client.

I thought this could be useful for other Webflow designers just as a video guide for their clients on signing up to Webflow.

If you’re a client, there are only a few steps required for your website to be transferred to your possession.

1. You need to create an account
2. Tell your Webflow designer the email you used to create your account
3. Designer will transfer your Webflow website to your account
4. You purchase hosting. I generally recommend CMS over the basic because it allows collections
5. Publish your website. Done

Follow these steps and you, the client, are a new Webflow website owner 🙂

Thanks for tuning in 😀

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