Webinar Marketing Funnel Course Summary – See What You Are Missing

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Are you selling online with Webinars? Surely the answer is Yes!!! They are one of the most effective ways to sell on line.
But what if you build it and nobody comes? What if your webinar attendance is low?
As sales are a % of attendance – the more people who turn up the more sales you will make.
So what are you doing wrong? What are you doing wrong even if you have a great webinar?
The answer is all in the SALES FUNNEL – its not the webinar – its how you sell it and how you follow it up!
That is what this course will help you to discover…
• Why Webinars can transform your business
• The essential components of a Marketing Funnel
• How to create the Essential Components of your Webinar
• Product Selection and How to set up Affiliate Links
• How to set up your email Platform
• The Essential Pages you need to create in your Webinar Funnel
• How to create your high converting Webinar Registration Page
• How to set up your Webinar Delivery Platform
• How to record or deliver your Webinar
• My exact Seven Day Webinar Marketing Timetable
• How to market your Webinar to new Registrants
• The different types of Prospects in your Webinar Funnel
• Joint Venture/Influencer Partner Email Registration Sequence
• Your Email Registration Sequence to your List
• Your Follow Up Indoctrination Email Sequence
• Example Webinar WorkBook and Indoctrination Videos
• How to create your Webinar Email Automation Sequence
• The benefits of UTMs and Tracking Links
• Step by Step 14 Email Sequence – in detail, with screenshots – from Registration to Closing
• How and whether to offer a Webinar Replay
• Post Webinar Emails and Cart Closing Sequences designed to maximise sales
In addition to this, as the course progresses, I share with you a 12 Step Webinar Funnel Diagram, showing you exactly how the elements being taught fit into the overall picture – so you can see your Webinar Funnel grow in front of your very eyes.


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