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About the Video:

Hey beautiful people!

Do you know there is a 45% conversion rate of clients from the webinar?

It sounds crazy to do right?

But this is shockingly true and all the marketing consultants, enterprises, freelancers, corporates, & startups are focusing on this.

Despite knowing the fact webinar has the high potential don’t you want to unleash the exact secret of doing this through step-by-step guidance.

That is why I am sole.

Dedicating this video to educate you all how these people in the industry are earning lakhs and crores by just doing a webinar.

There are multiple platforms for any market business to distribute your product, create awareness for services and generate engagement but every platform and strategy have its conversion rate.

Get your hands on those irresistible strategies & learn how implementing them will give you amazing results.

Be ready to get the roadmap of how you can also apply these strategies and can earn whatever amount you fantasize about.

Skipping this video won’t be advisable as one step leads you to other.

Good luck!


0: 00 Introduction
1: 34 The “ROADSS” Strategy
1: 59 Step-1: Research
4: 20 Step-2: Offer
6: 16 Step-3: Awareness & Distribution
12: 48 Step-4: Seminar
14: 32 Srep-5: Strategy

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