Webinar Masterclass: Creation to a Complete Marketing Funnel – learn Digital Marketing

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Webinar Masterclass: Creation to a Complete Marketing Funnel – learn Digital Marketing
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Create High Converting Live Streaming Webinars and a Complete Webinar Marketing Funnel; 2 Courses in 1
You will discover what a Live Streaming Webinar is and the key components of a Webinar Presentation,Webinar success is a function of good scheduling and planning, so you will discover the best time and day to give webinars and a lot of mistakes to avoid.,Webinar Presentation Pros know exactly how to structure their webinars so that they keep their audience engaged, I show you the exact structure you need, step by step, to create an amazing webcast presentation.,A live streaming Webinar Presentation needs to be carefully designed and I provide you with a template that you can adapt for your own powerpoint or keynote presentations.,Your streaming Webinar Success depends on mastering the details of the slides, script and delivery of you Webinar which I why I take you through every stage of the webinar from start to finish,You will discover the advanced techniques for ensuring your Webinar engages your audience and turns into a successful sales engine for your business,Webinar Marketing is important and in a new section for the course, you will discover how to use email to market your webinar to your audience including detailed downloadable templates.,Why Live Streaming Webinars can transform your business,The essential components of a Marketing Funnel,How to create the Essential Components of your Live Streaming Webinar,Product Selection and How to set up Affiliate Links,How to set up your email Platform,The Essential Pages you need to create in your Webinar Funnel,How to create your high converting Webinar Registration Page,How to set up your Webinar Delivery Platform,How to record or deliver your streaming Webinar,My exact Seven Day Webinar Marketing Timetable,How to market your Webinar to new Registrants,The different types of Prospects in your Webinar Funnel,Joint Venture/Influencer Partner Email Registration Sequence,Your Email Registration Sequence to your List,Your Follow Up Indoctrination Email Sequence,Example Webinar Work Book and Indoctrination Videos,How to create your Webinar Email Automation Sequence,The benefits of UTMs and Tracking Links,Step by Step 14 Email Sequence – in detail, with screenshots – from Registration to Closing,How and whether to offer a Webinar Replay,Post Webinar Emails and Cart Closing Sequences designed to maximise sales
A basic familiarity with either Keynote (Macs) or Powerpoint (PC) will help but is not essential as we are not doing anything very complicated in either programme,Access to Presentation Software, a reasonable quality microphone will be helpful.,If you want to rehearse and record yourself then screencasting software (Camtasia or Screenflow) will be helpful but is not necessary to take the course.,Access to an Email Service Provider, Webinar Delivery Platform and either a Word Press Site or a Landing Page App is helpful when creating the elements for your Webinar Funnel. These are not necessary if you just want to learn the process from the course.,Get 2 Courses in 1 – Everything you need to know to Create, Sell and Deliver amazing Webinars! (Plus a Mini Bonus Course too!),COURSE 1: WEBINAR CREATION – DESIGN AND WRITE YOUR HIGH CONVERTING LIVE STREAMING WEBINAR,Webinars are a complex, carefully crafted sales presentation!,But if you know how, anyone can do them! – Yes Even YOU!,By the end of this course you will be able to write, design and deliver your live streaming Webinar Presentation which will be every bit as good as those created by experienced experts!,Why am I so confident of this?,Because Webinars are:,A Formula,A System,A Framework,I will share with you step by step so that you can discover the key components of a Webinar, the scripting techniques, the essential order in which you must deliver the content,This Course is focused on the Script and the Design of the Webinar Presentation itself.  This includes showing you how to master the delivery of the presentation to really engage with your Webinar audience.,This is the most difficult and valuable component of a webinar.  Without this all the work to put a webinar together – which is essentially logistics – is a complete waste of time!,In this Course you will discover:,The Essential Components of a Webinar,In more detail, the Anatomy of a Webinar,The Welcome,The Hook,The Introduction,The Core Content,The Transition,The Pitch,Questions and Answers,How to create a Presentation – starting with provided for you Templates,How to write and design your webinar, stage by stage, following the instruction provided in over 27 detailed lectures,How to put your draft we

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