Webinar – Using the Right Data to Ensure Your Business Can Withstand the Worst-Case Scenario

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The second webinar in our Sales Execution Forum series based on Actionable Insights for Data-Informed Sales took a hard look at how each of our guests altered their operations to build strong sales initiatives. Each had to change their methods in a matter of days to be able to meet fluctuating demands. We discuss shifting distribution laws, new Account segments, and staying on top of opportunities by tracking data. In terms of communication, we talked about rolling out new internal systems for better team interactions as well as tracking the efficiency of trade conversations. To wrap up the dialogue, we talked about the importance of adopting data and how to appropriately balance it with in-person interactions and relationship building. Watch the replay to hear more!

Featured Speakers:
Angela Burns – Vice President of Customer Operations and Training at Opici Family Distributing
Ben Salisbury – Founder and President at Salisbury Creative Group

This webinar is hosted by GreatVines’ own Lauren Magee, who has been guiding beverage companies to success through her diverse roles in communications, marketing, sales, and customer success over her ten-year career in the beverage industry.

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