What Digital Marketing Sales Funnel? How does a Digital Marketing Funnel Work?

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Want to learn more about the Digital Sales Funnel? Typically, before truly becoming a customer, an individual goes through what we like to call the Digital Marketing Sales Funnel. It comprises of a variety of stages: from the buyer becoming aware of a product or service to them doing their research, reaching out to the business before finally committing to buying it. In the modern age, it’s easiest to visualise it as all of the stuff a person does on their phone prior to actually buying something- researching a company, checking with friends that also own the product, messaging the company to learn more, etc. The goal of the marketer is to move their prospects through the funnel, turning those folks with just a passing interest in your brand into valued customers.
Watch this video to find 3 stages of the funnel that will help you sell like a pro! To learn even more read the blog here
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0.00 Start
0.42 What is a digital sales funnel?
1.28 The understanding stage
2.18 The education stage
2.56 The verdict stage

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