What is a funnel? Build perfect marketing funnels (Startup, Agency, SME, Muse…)

What is a Funnel and how it can make your business grow (Startup, Agency, SME…). I will show you today what a marketing funnel is, how it is composed and what it is used for. I will teach you how to build the ideal funnel for your business and make it real with the right tools.

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My name is Julian Ivaldy,
Co-founder & Head of Growth at 🗝
We are a crew of serial entrepreneurs, with a pirate mindset, secret co-founders of 10+ startups.

In this new video, I will show you some funnels and we will analyze together their quality, performance. I will then show you how to build your funnel and make it real.

Your marketing funnel is a crucial element for your business, it represents the path that a potential customer will take from the moment he hears about you to the final step which is often the purchase.
By showing you several examples of effective and ineffective funnels, I will show you concretely what a funnel is and how to build it.

Using the Funnelytics platform, we will work on an optimal funnel for an agency model. We will focus on the website conversion marketing funnel. In particular, we will see how to create a Free Audit strategy or an email sequence to convert a maximum of visitors into customers.

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