What is a Landing Page and How Does it Work? [FULL GUIDE 2020]

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What is a landing page, and how does it work?
How using the landing pages in your online campaigns can benefit your business. In this episode, our CMO, Andrew, is going into details about the structure of landing pages along with practical guides about building a landing page step by step.

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If you ask marketers – what is a landing page for an affiliate marketer or Facebook? You will receive many different answers. The truth is that landing pages can be a powerful tool in lead generation processes, and all marketers can apply them into their campaigns.

A landing page is a term we use in online marketing. It’s a type of a website that users land on from different sources, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, social media posts, emails, and so on. Landing pages are designed to fulfil one specific goal, which most of the time is collecting leads. You can receive various types of leads from email addresses to phone numbers. There are also multiple reasons why landing page can perform much better than your main website, which is their main strength in digital marketing.

In this episode, Andrew also presents different types of tools for building landing pages fast and without any knowledge about coding. For more information about landing pages, check this website.

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