What Is A Marketing Funnel? | Marketing Funnel Stages [Easiest Way To Create One In 2 Minutes]

What Is A Marketing Funnel? | Marketing Funnel Stages [Easiest Way To Create One In 2 Minutes]
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What is a Marketing Funnel?

A marketing funnel (also known as a sales funnel or conversion funnel) is a method or system that tracks the customer journey. In other words, from a cold prospect to becoming a customer.

Utilizing the right technology will also allow you to generate leads and sales 24/7.

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The sales funnel is an acronym that can be used in marketing both offline and online. Imagine a funnel. Its purpose and form will help you to understand what a marketing funnel looks like.

The open top of the marketing funnel is where leads are collected. This is usually after identifying our target audience. There are many options for how to gather leads from your target market.

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You can use education or free gifts to attract prospects to your funnel. This will help you get their attention.

People are more likely to do business when they know and feel comfortable doing business with experts in their field. We must build trust with prospects before trying to pitch them.

What Is A Marketing Funnel? | Marketing Funnel Stages:

People will feel more comfortable with us if we are able to provide immense value and show an interest in their entry point into our sales funnel. There is a better chance that we will be able to meet this person again, even if it seems like there is little to gain.

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Once the relationship is established, we are able to offer low-cost products that offer enormous value. The prospect is becoming a client gradually and will see that we have provided enormous value up until now.

What Is A Marketing Funnel? | Marketing Funnel Stages

We will then approach them with a high-ticket product or a service to convince them that, even though it costs more, the product will still be of immense value.

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It is clear that our clients will choose us over our competitors, regardless of their price. This means that they will be able to expect huge value from us. We are not certain what they will get from our rivals.

What Is A Marketing Funnel? | Marketing Funnel Stages Continued:

Depending on where we are going, the sales funnel may go on forever. This understanding is essential for our business model.

It will allow us to maximize the potential of each client when we acquire them. If we use this model, each client has the potential of becoming a client for our top product or services.

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