What is a Marketing Funnel (Sales Funnel Explained)

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What are the sales funnel steps?

From the moment prospects hear about your product or service until the moment they buy a product/service (or don’t), they pass through different stages of your sales funnel. That journey through your marketing funnel may vary from one prospect to another, but in the end, that will vary based on their interest level. They’ll think about the problem they’re trying to solve and conduct competitive research to make sure your offering is the best solution.

As a rule, there are four primary stages:

Stage 1: Awareness

The first of the sales funnel channel stages is known as the “mindfulness” level since it’s the place where individuals become mindful of your products or services. They might read a publication from you, find you on social media, or even hear from a friend.

How and why those individuals end up in your sales funnel is dependent on your ability to create offers and promote your business. the deals pipe relies upon your own deals and advertising capacity, obviously. The leads in the middle and lower sales funnel stages are those that you want to pay the most attention to because they’ve moved beyond awareness to interest and are now actively looking for solutions.

An example of the awareness stage would be a prospect learning about your company for the first time. Perhaps they clicked on one of your ads, read your blog, found your website via a Google search, or heard a colleague talking about your product or service.

Stage 2: Interest

Once potential prospects have found out about your brand, they’ll evaluate it based on their interest level. They’ll think about the problem they’re trying to solve and whether the VALUE and certainty they will get from your product or service is what they are looking for.

Stage 3: Decision

Armed with information about your company, prospects will dig deeper into your pricing and packaging options. Sales pages, webinars, and calls are helpful in this stage to help guide prospects to make a purchase.

Stage 4: Action

All your work comes down to this stage: whether the prospect makes a purchase or not. If they didn’t, the deal isn’t lost forever. You can create nurture campaigns to make sure you stay top of mind. Email campaigns, SMS text sequences, or even push notifications work great in this stage!

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