What is a Marketing Funnel? What is a Sales Funnel?

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Question – I came online to find an easy way to get more customers. Sadly, I’ve spent the last 6 – 9 months just getting into more and more complicated stuff.

If I knew that it would be this complicated, may be I would not have quit my job so early. Anyway, it’s a bit too late to be regretting now.

I’ve spent lots of money on traffic but I have this other mentor who said something about sales funnels and he suggested I used clickfunnels.

Do you use clicksfunnels to generate your own leads and customers too? What is a marketing funnel if my question doesn’t even make sense?

Here goes the answer and my personal marketing funnel template

I posted the question on Facebook and here is how someone defined sales and marketing funnels. ” A process that takes suspects through prospects into clients/customers by showing something interesting to those who are interested, creating the desire to fulfill their wants and needs, thereby leveraging your time to serve those who are ready for a relationship.”

I personally would simplify it to this. A sales and marketing funnel is the path you take your prospects though in order to maximize average customer value (ACV) in your business. Some call it average transnational value.

It’s always a bad idea to have only one offer with one price in your business. It’s an awful assumption that your ideal prospects want the same level of service and you are therefore leaving lots of money on the table.

So a sales and marketing funnel can also be defined as a strategic aggregate of your product line and offers into a sequence that maximizes average transnational value (ATV).

Marketing Funnel Explained with the McDonald Analogy

Let’s assume that a McDonald drive through receives 200 drive-through per day. If each drive through orders a $5 meal. That would result in a daily revenue of $1,000 with an average transnational value (ATV) of $5.

However with the way McDonald setup their funnels, they’ve trained the person at the window to ask this simple question. “Would you like 2 apple pies for $1 with that?” That’s called an upsell.

If only 20 out of the 200 drive-through customers took them up on the upsell offer, that would be an additional $20 revenue with a total of $1,020. ATV would now become $5.10. That’s a 2% increase in revenue from the same number of customers and transactions.

That was 2 Marketing Funnel Stages. When you apply this in social media and digital marketing, the possibilities are endless. To maximize profits, you want to setup a minimum of 4 stages as described below. Let’s dive in.

Stage 1 (The What & The Why)

This is the first stage that attracts cold traffic to your business. Cold traffic simply means prospects getting exposed to you and your brand for the first time ever.

For example, if you are new here, you are on my stage 1 and I suggest subscriber to put you on my stage 2. When you do that, you will gain access to a free class on free traffic and free leads for life. It’s a $297 value.

Stage 2 (The Capture)

Stage 3 (The How)

Stage 4 (The Done For You/DFY)

See More info on Stage 2,3 & 4 Here:

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