What is a Sales- Funnel and how does it work?

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Today we are here to talk about successful sales-funnels and how to build them!

What is a sales- funnel?
What are the stages of a high-converting sales funnel?

We will talk about the four keys of a successful sales funnel:
✔️1. Awareness
✔️2. Consideration
✔️3. Lead capture
✔️4. Deeper engagement and Call To Action (CTA)
✔️5. Sale!

We will explain the concept behind each stage and teach you how to think strategically when applying these methods, which tools to use, and points that you should not overlooked!!

Find sales-funnels example and templates here:

Marketing and sales funnels examples for cosmetics and beauty businesses:

Marketing and sales funnels examples for law offices and attornies:

Real estate high converting sales funnels:

Business loan marketing strategies:

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