What Is A Sales Funnel And How Does It Work? [Do THIS]

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What Is A Sales Funnel And How Does It Work?

In this video we look at what a sales funnel is, how does it work, and why you need to implement one on your business today.

Most people just have a regular website where they share information about their company, their products, services, etc.

But they don’t have a sales process where they can generate profitable sales.

You might be able to get some sales from your website, but they’re most likely not enough to cover your advertising costs.

If you’re spending $50 per day on ads, but you’re only selling 1 $40 product, then that’s not enough to cover your ad spend.

You’d be losing $10.

So to be profitable you need to add an upsell, which is a special page that people see after making their initial purchase, where you offer them the next logical thing you can serve them with.

It’s sort of like a complement to what they already bought. And if this upsell is let’s say $90, and 1 out of 3 people buy it. Then on average, you’d be making $70 per customer instead of $40, leaving you with a $20 profit, instead of losing $10 each day.

And the reason why this works so well, is because it is 10 times harder to acquire a new customer, than to keep selling stuff to an already existing one.

So how do you add a sales funnel to your website? It’s very simple, a sales funnel is a group of pages, which work like a set of steps you take people through:

1. Landing page
2.Thank you page
3.Upsell page
4.Order confirmation page

– How To Create A Sales Funnel With WordPress in 2021 [NO ClickFunnels]:


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