What is a Sales Funnel and how you can optimise it? – BiteSize Marketing by Reka Veszeli – ep. 3

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The sales funnel is a marketing concept that represents the journey of a potential customer.

In the last episode we discussed what is a lead and what is their relationship with your brand depending on their maturity level, so this time we’ll focus on what marketing strategies you should use at different stages to make your sales funnel convert better.

Note: This is a simplified version of a sales funnel, where I only use the 3 main stages. It is to make the concept easy to understand. If you dive deeper into the topic you’ll find that most funnels have more stages. The most common is Awareness – Interest – Decision -Action, but some have more stages or goes beyond the moment of purchase. None of it is right or wrong. I’d say it mostly depends on your business what describe the customer’s journey the best.

BiteSize Marketing is a show designed to teach you marketing faster than you would eat a cookie. Each episode is about 3 minutes long, which is just enough to get familiar with the most important phrases and tools you might need in your marketing journey.

This series is for those,
– who are just getting started in the world of marketing and looking for a fast and easy way to learn the basics
– who want to understand marketing better, even if they are working in another field
– who want to enjoy their cup of coffee with a little bit(e) of knowledge

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