What is a Sales Funnel and Why You Need One in 2022 🔥 Best Explanation With Example!

Why do you need a sales funnel for your online business? Find out in this strategy + explainer video.

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Everybody seems to be talking about how websites are dead and it’s all about sales funnels!

And if you’re a beginner in the online marketing world are just hearing about sales funnels, you may be wondering what is a sales funnel and why do I even need one for my business?

In this quick video, I show you exactly what a sales funnel is, explain how it can help you make more money, and how it’s different from traditional online marketing methods.

This is the fastest sales funnel 101 you’ll find!



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I’m Kevin, and on this channel, I help entrepreneurs make money online by creating and selling digital products. I’ve been doing this for 12 + years and every week I share my best strategies with you.

While I’m now doing quite well with my business, I was spinning my wheels for years before I finally figured it out through trial and error! I had to learn it all the HARD WAY with many dead-end roads and a few hundred thousand spent.

So my goal is to help you get to where I’m at (or even better!) by showing you how to create an online business that will actually work without wasting tons of time and money on the wrong ideas!

Many of my viewers are trying to build life-changing income streams part-time, without a lot of experience, and without a big budget to get started.

Everything I teach is designed to help you maximize your earnings, do more with less, eliminate unnecessary risks, and see results as soon as possible.

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