What Is A Sales Funnel? – Automated Income Strategy (Full Breakdown)

Sales Funnels are the fastest (and most profitable) way to consistently convert visitors into paying customers. Copy this simple strategy for your own business to automate your sales.

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📔 Table of Contents:
0: 00 – Intro
0: 30 – Funnel Structure
0: 52 – Landing Page
1: 31 – Sales Page
3: 16 – Upsell Page
5: 18 – Email Automation
7: 14 – Lead Magnet
8: 19 – Membership Site
10: 06 – Outro

What Is A Sales Funnel? – Automated Income Strategy (Full Breakdown)

What Is A Sales Funnel and why do you need one? The truth is that most entrepreneurs don’t have a clear idea of what an online sales funnel looks like. This leads to many wasted hours, money and energy.

You’ve landed on the best video for explaining What Is A Sales Funnel and why it’s absolutely necessary for your business – period! A lot of people get confused about what exactly a sales funnel is. We’ll help you understand the basics and how to get started with one. The one process that helps sales reps turn cold prospects into hot leads is sales funnel. Here’s an easy way to think about it – A sales funnel is like any other kind of funnel, except that instead of pouring liquid or sand through it, we pour prospects into it! The goal is to guide them from being unaware of us and our products/services, all the way until they become paying customers.

Now you’ve probably seen a lot of different fancy looking sales funnel diagrams before but in this video, you are going to strip out all the fluff and get down the core of exactly What Is A Sales Funnel is and more importantly what it’s not.

Sales funnels are a great way to sell products online, but they can be confusing and intimidating if you don’t know how they work. As a small business owner understanding how the sales funnel works is crucial to how you think about selling your products to potential customers. A sales funnel is something that every digital entrepreneur should be familiar with because they are so effective at converting leads into paying customers.

The purpose of your sales funnel is to get your prospect to make an initial or repeat purchase by guiding them through a series of steps that nurture nudge and educate. If you’re not already using them in your business, then this video is a must-watch to learn more about the pros and cons of this powerful marketing strategy.
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