What is a Sales Funnel? How To Build A Sales Funnel That Makes Money

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In this video, join the Founder of @Smart Marketer by Ezra Firestone , as he takes you through how to build a sales funnel that will boost your conversion rates.

The key to any successful business is a healthy sales funnel. This is especially true for ecommerce stores whose survival relies on transforming their site visitors from casual browsers into committed customers.

If you’re unfamiliar with online marketing and sales funnels, this video will give you an overview for how to use them with Shopify stores. Plus, we’ll explain why offering them as an additional service to your clients can dramatically increase their happiness and revenue.

Here is what we’ll cover in this video:
00: 00 Introduction
01: 55 The 3 Main Types of Product Offer Pages
06: 14 Let’s Build a Product Page
06: 16 Decide on a Layout
06: 51 Optimize Your Header
12: 39 Select a Featured Testimonial
13: 25 Select Product Carousel Photos
14: 49 Create a Short Form Product Demonstration Video or GIF
15: 54 Add Buy Box Content
17: 54 Choose CTA Text
18: 13 Decide on Order Bump
22: 18 Write Main Sales Copy / Product Description
25: 13 Decide on USPs and Create Images to Support
26: 02 Decide on Guarantees
26: 33 Social Proof Images
27: 07 Implement Traditional Reviews Widget
27: 20 Write Product FAQ
28: 06 Select You Might Also Like Products
28: 45 Light Box Pop Up / Exit Intent
29: 16 Set Live Chat Fly Out Time and Write Chat Greeting

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