What Is A Sales Funnel? – How To Build A Sales Funnel To Grow Your Business

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If you want to build your audience and business online, you need a sales funnel. This quick video explains what a sales funnel is and how it help take your current business or new growing business to the next level.
Today we talk about exactly how to build a sales funnel from scratch and more importantly answer the question: what is a sales funnel?

Here you are going to discover what a sales funnel is and how you can leverage this powerful concept in a digital environment to grow your business online. The good news is learning how to build a sales funnel without fancy software like Ontraport, active campaign, or Infustionsoft is actually a whole lot simpler than most people make it.

As a small business owner, understanding how the sales funnel works is crucial to how you think about selling your products to potential customers. Learn how to make your website stand out amongst the crowd and attract traffic as well as how to get leads from your Website.

In short a sales funnel is a clearly defined and consistent sales process that reflects your customer’s journey and supports them at each and every stage. Now if you’ve been struggling with the question of what is a sales funnel, one of the easiest ways to understand is to, first turn it upside-down. The end of the sales funnel is where you want your customers end up, so it’s up to you to design a funnel that gets customers to not just buy today, but buy again and again in the future.

We’ll take a deep dive into learning how to create a sales funnel that really converts while leaving the fancy CRM software stuff for another video. It’s important that you understand the underlying principles of a sales funnel and how properly use it to generate sales.

In this in this other video I provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to create your own sales funnel using our free sales funnel template:

So what is a sales funnel? Watch the video now to find out!


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