What is a Share Funnel? – how to share a funnel with clickfunnels.

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What is a Share Funnel and why should you have one? – how to share a funnel with clickfunnels.

In this video, we’re going to go over what a Share Funnel is and why it’s very important to affiliate marketers.

Let’s say you’ve created a gorgeous looking page with the good looking format and layout, has amazing upsell and downsell, with the whole story that really hooks customers and it’s getting you a lot of traffic that’s translating to a lot of income.

With ClickFunnels Share Funnel system I or you are able to use this as a bonus and give the funnel away to someone else. It’s a one-click import that no one else has.

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By using Share Funnel, you share your existing sales funnel just by sending a link to your clients or customers so they can use it as is or as a template to build their own funnel.

It’s a great way to spread funnels across the board and get experienced affiliates into your fold or entice new affiliate marketers to use your funnel which will generate residual income for you.

Because a Clickfunnel account is a requisite to use Share Funnel, when someone uses your funnel via Share Funnel and they have no Clickfunnel account yet, then they need to sign up for a 14-day free trial.

That new sign up caused by the influence and power of the Share Funnel program is then added to your list of new affiliates and this is how it gets you additional income.

Every new sign up can get you up to 40% commission and that is an effortless way to earn!

What’s even better is that it’s so much easier to get new sign-ups because new members don’t need to worry about creating a new funnel from scratch. With Share Funnel, they can use your existing funnel which is already proven to be effective and enticing.

This program is truly amazing and Clickfunnel tool to help you grow your online business.

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Translated titles:
¿Qué es un embudo compartido?-Cómo compartir un embudo con clickfunnels.

Was ist ein Share Funnel?-wie man einen Trichter mit Clickfunnels teilt.

Qu’est-ce qu’un entonnoir de partage?-comment partager un entonnoir avec clickfunnels.

O que é um funil de compartilhamento?-como compartilhar um funil com os clickfunnels.

शेयर फ़नल क्या है?-क्लिकफ़नलाइन के साथ

ما هو قمع المشاركة؟-كيفية مشاركة مسار التحويل مع قنوات


공유 유입 경로 란 무엇입니까?-클릭 유입 경로와 퍼널을 공유하는 방법

Что такое воронка акций? Как поделиться воронкой с clickfu

Paylaşım Hunisi nedir?-bir dönüşüm hunisinin tıklama tünelleriyle nasıl paylaşılacağı.

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