What is an Affiliate Marketing Funnel (Affiliate Bridge Page)? – Why is it so important?

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The one important page that most affiliate marketers don’t talk about, but it is super important to skyrocket the affiliate sales conversion, is the Affiliate Bridge page, or some would call it, the Affiliate Marketing Funnel. In case you are new to affiliate marketing, and you don’t know where to start, check this out:

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❓ About the video: I’ll explain to you the importance of an affiliate bridge page using a story that I learned from Russell Brunson. He didn’t mentioned the story specifically for affiliate marketing, but the story has made a huge impression on me because it is so relevant. So, through this video, I want to share that story with you, and hopefully, you will understand why you need an affiliate bridge page or affiliate marketing funnel for any of your campaigns or affiliate blogs. Enjoy!

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