What Is ClickFunnels? 2021 Update

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What is ClickFunnels? Is it worth it? Is ClickFunnels a scam? How much does ClickFunnels cost?

All these questions and more I answer in this video!

*Timestamps0: 55 – Introduction
1: 18 – What is a sales funnel? Online Sales Funnels Intro
1: 51 – ClickFunnels & Online Sales Funnel Methodology
2: 04 – Traditional Way vs. New Way Using Online Funnels
3: 41 – Sporting Goods Store Example
4: 51 – How ClickFunnels helps you build online sales funnels
5: 23 – Introduction to ClickFunnels & the “Secrets” Methodology
6: 28 – Introduction to FunnelFlix
7: 04 – ClickFunnels Dashboard intro
8: 29 – Creating a new example funnel
11: 45 – ClickFunnels page builder intro
15: 35 – Real world live funnel example
18: 46 – 3 main sections of an effective sales page
21: 36 – Examples of types of funnels you can build with ClickFunnels

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What is ClickFunnels? How much does it cost?

These are questions I get from my clients so I thought it was due time to make a video explaining all of it.

One of the things I found that others are asking is, “is ClickFunnels a scam?” The short answer is no – definitely not.

What ClickFunnels actually *isis a very specific web-based software platform that gives you all the tools you need to build your own online sales funnels – fast and super easy – using the frameworks and systems that have proven INCREDIBLY effective at growing online businesses.

In this video I not only introduce what ClickFunnels is as a software platform, but I also introduce you to the concept of online sales funnels as a whole, give you some examples of online sales funnels that you can use in your business, and show you how it all works together!

If what you see in this video is enticing, you can grab a 14-day, no obligation free trial of ClickFunnels to test it out for yourself.

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You can start your 14 day free trial here –

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