What is Clickfunnels ?? And how does it work #shorts

When I mention Clickfunnels, so many people ask me what is Clickfunnels and how does it work?

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I know a lot of people get confused with what Clickfunnels is and how they can use Clickfunnels for their business but I’m going to break that down for you as best as I can.

Clickfunnels is extremely powerful and anyone with a business or wanting to start a business can use Clickfunnels in their day-to-day lives.

Russell Brunson created Clickfunnels a little over 6 years ago and it has literally changed my business and how I look at marketing as well.

Clickfunnels is worth it and I use Clickfunnels in my business everyday.

I use it to sell my products, courses, and coaching services on autopilot.

A lot of people want to start a business using Clickfunnels but have no idea where to start, so I have made a free training that will show you how to start making money with Clickfunnels today.

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A shortened explanation of Clickfunnels is an all-in-one online sales funnel building software.

Just a few of the features:

1. Drag & Drop Website Builder

2. Collect leads For Your Business

3. Automate Your Sales Process

4. One Free Website Domain

5. A/B testing

6. Email Autoresponder

7. Affiliate Management Program

8. Integrated Payment systems, paypal and stripe

9. Training and ongoing support

How you can MAKE MONEY with Clickfunnels?

Creating your own Product (100% of the profits)
Affiliate marketing
Collecting Leads for your own business

In my business, I use all 3 ways to make money with Clickfunnels.

I create and sell my own products, I am an affiliate and I sell other people’s products using affiliate marketing.

I also use clickfunnels to collect email leads in order to follow up with those email leads using clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels is extremely powerful because you can collect email leads, you can automate your sales process, you can collect payments and so much more.

If you’re a business and you are not using clickfunnels then you are going to get left behind in 2022.

I highly recommend you learn how to use clickfunnels because this will literally change your business.

You can access all my free training as well as my free sales funnel training course that is a clickfunnels tutorial and with 1 click you can download and start using some of the same pre-built Sales Funnels I’ve used to generate thousands of leads and sales.

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What is Clickfunnels and how does it work?

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