What Is Clickfunnels and How to Use It [📌How Offline & Online Businesses Use It!]

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Not sure what Clickfunnels is? In today’s video, I’m going to show you what Clickfunnels is and how it works.

Clickfunnels is used by thousands of online and offline businesses for lead generation or to convert leads into paying customers. With the Clickfunnels software, you’re able to create different types of funnels. A few of those include a lead magnet funnel, a sales page funnel, webinar funnel, membership funnel, a squeeze page funnel, and a lot more.

Before Clickfunnels it was difficult to create product/service funnels. If you wanted to have a bump offer, an upsell or two, a downsell or two, you’d have to be technically inclined. Or you’d have to pay a freelance coder to put such funnels together, but now these types of funnels can be created in Clickfunnels. So, if you’ve ever asked yourself ‘what is a Clickfunnel?’ now you know! It’s just an online marketing funnel built by the software company Clickfunnels!

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Also, the Clickfunnels review is still in progress.

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