What is CRM? 4 Reasons Your Business Needs a CRM System

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Wondering what is CRM? In this video, you’ll learn 4 reasons your business needs a CRM system, basic CRM definitions and how is user journey connected to CRM. After watching this CRM software tutorial, you will know how to choose CRM. Download the presentation used in this video here 👉👉👉

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This video is focused on one of the most important systems – CRM. It answers the question “What is CRM?” and why you need to use it. It would be extremely helpful for people who want to learn more about CRM systems.

This video can be a great start for people who want to know what a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is and how it can help you with your website. We will tell about various aspects that you need to focus on.

⏰Jump to the timestamps:
00: 49 What ‘CRM’ stands for?
01: 39 4 reasons why your business needs a CRM system
04: 12 CRM Definitions: Contact, Lead, Deal, Pipeline, etc.
07: 42 What is the user journey? How are CRM system settings related to the user journey?
14: 05 What CRM features should you look for?

We will also start with the very basics. One of the first questions we will pay attention to is “Why does any business need a CRM system?”. Here is a quick list of CRM systems advantages:
✔️ It helps to improve customer experience
✔️You can increase productivity
✔️Collaboration improving

The video includes detailed information that will be extremely useful for people who need to choose the CRM system. After watching this video you will know how to choose a CRM system – what to pay attention to and what you need to expect from it.

✔️ What is CRM?

A CRM system is quite complex and it includes various components that provide you with important information. CRM software is widely used both by small companies and large international ones. Such applications help to optimize various processes and they are used to streamline the process of working with clients.

Modern CRM systems may include:
✅Data warehouse technology
✅Opportunity management
✅Marketing campaigns measuring
✅Contact manager

Such systems may also include other components that help you make your company successful. CRM systems may have different sets of tools, so when you choose a CRM system, you should clearly understand what your company has to offer and how you want to interact with your clients.

This video tutorial is also focused on the SalesForce product. The SalesForce CRM is one of the most used CRM systems all over the world and it may be a good option for your business as well.

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