What is Digital marketing funnel in hindi,| How To Create Digital Marketing Funnel Explained.

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Hello friends welcome to “Digitaltech” youtube channel,my hu “Tarique anjum” my aapko digital marketing tutorial class me swagat karta hu .
In this video, I am trying to explain you about the marketing funnel basic model along with the marketing funnel which can be used in Digtial Marketing. Please do watch the complete video for more information & detailed information.
It is the best way to sell your products. It creates a great impact on the user’s mind. Brands are using this technique to interact with their users.
*What is Digital Marketing Funnel?
-A digital marketing funnel is a type of marketing framework used to generate traffic, convert that traffic into customers, and nurture those customers into loyal customers of your brand.

*Why You Need a Digital Marketing Funnel?
-First, you need to understand that your potential customers do not simply buy when they see the first ad that you’ve published online. On the contrary, it may take as many as 6 to 8 interactions before they whip out their credit cards or get ready to sign a contract with you.
Next, a digital marketing funnel helps you to keep tabs on your marketing analytics at various steps of your customer relationship. This allows you to develop a systematic way of monitoring, tracking and optimizing your digital marketing channels, and determine how well your ads, social media posts, blog articles, landing pages, offers, emails, and instant messages are performing.
Thirdly, a digital marketing funnel gives you a better view of your customer throughout the entire lead and customer nurturing process. Rather than create haphazard pieces of content and hope to get “big numbers,” a funnel allows you to build and sustain a relationship with your prospect and customer throughout their entire customer journey.

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