What is HubSpot and what can it do? Get the complete overview.

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Wondering what HubSpot can do? In this video, we help you with understanding HubSpot, how you may want to use the HubSpot tools, and a variety of things to consider with this popular marketing automation platform.

This video reviews the 3 modules associated with the HubSpot platform, the most common “feature” people look for when using HubSpot, the main features of each module, and the different costs associated with each subscription level.

0: 24 What’s included in the HubSpot Marketing Module
1: 00 Workflows feature
1: 15 Landing pages and CTAs
1: 50 How you may use workflows with sales
2: 20 All in one tool vs third-party tools
3: 00 Different levels available of marketing module
3: 37 What’s included in the HubSpot Sales Module
4: 05 Different levels available of sales module
4: 25 Examples of templates
4: 50 Sales sequences
5: 34 Sales Playbooks and Reporting
6: 05 What’s included in the HubSpot Service Module
6: 38 Service Inbox
6: 49 Customer Tickets
7: 23 Different levels of service module
7: 50 Upgrades
8: 11 How to think about purchasing HubSpot


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