What is Lead Carrot? – How To Use Lead Carrot [Overview]

Want To Try Lead Carrot?

Lead Carrot is a CRM, Lead Finder, and an autoresponder all in one! This is an overview of lead carrot and how to use lead carrot for b2b purposes. There are so many other way to use lead carrot for automations, sales, follow-up, cold outreach, and more.

This overview will show you the basics of how Lead Carrot works along with the current features that are available such as intergrations with zapier, slybroadcast, sendgrid, mailgun, and yahoo mail.

I am Angel Talamantes of Click Leads Local and we’re a local digital marketing agency out of the Minneapolis Twin Cities Minnesota area that combines the power and creative of video with the analytics of digital marketing to create powerhouse local businesses that are seen all over their area.

Facebook: k
YouTube: e
Instagram: m
Podcast: t
Twitter: r
Medium: m
Website: m


-Our Software-

Clickfunnels: Q
Funnel Scripts: e
Funnel Hacks: z

-Our Cameras-

Sony A7Riii: R
Sony A6500: q
Sony A6300: v

-Our Lenses-

Zeiss 24-70: Z
Sony 18-105: 6
Sony 18-55: c
Sony 55-210: D
Sony Pancake: 9

-Our Memory Cards-

128GB: 8
64GB: 7
32GB: X

-Our Tripods-

Manfrotto: Z
Sun Pak: l

-Our Mobile Lighting-

Neewer Lighting: A

-Our Microphones-

Sennheiser (vlog): O
SmartLav: k
Blue Yeti: U
Blue Snowball: z
BM-700: J
Shure: C
Rode Mic: I
Takstar: p

-Our Podcast Equiptment-

Behringer USB: 3
Mic Arm Stand: 7
BM-700: J
Headphones: f

Our Gimbals:

SmartPhone: b
Ronin M: 6

Our Drone:

Phantom 4: R

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