What Is the ClickFunnels Default Font?!

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Why would you want to know the ClickFunnels default font?: 0: 06

What are the 3 default fonts and 3 similar fonts?: 0: 40

Showing you an example of their similarity: 1: 25

Hello hello! Last post, we talked about how to add borders to columns in multi-column rows.

So some of you may be asking why I did this simple post/video about FONTS.

I mean, who cares about ClickFunnels fonts? Am I right?!

No, not quite!

Fonts CAN make or break your page if used properly or… improperly…

As I was researching my fonts for my own landing page, I stumbled across some fonts that were EXACTLY the same as the default text that appears when creating a new button or headline text, etc…

Here are the 3 fonts that are EXACTLY THE SAME as the default font:

1) Buda

2) Open Sans (Condensed)

3) UnifrakturCook

Here are the 3 fonts that are EXTRA-ORDINARILY SIMILAR to the ClickFunnels default fonts – only differences being like a millimeter of a millimeter shift from the default position…

1) Battembang

2) Bayon

3) Bokor

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Thanks for watching, and until next time!

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