What Is The Endless Network Marketing Funnel?

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What is the endless network marketing funnel? Well this is a concept in which, I understand really, where the majority of my income comes from long term in network marketing. So when I look back to over a decade of working in network marketing and ask myself, “Where did the majority of the income actually come from?” The answer is quite obvious. It came from helping people to duplicate what I did. It certainly didn’t come from massively recruiting several hundred people, although recruiting is absolutely essential and not only that, you’re probably going to have to speak to thousands of people to identify a few hundred that are gonna join you. This is not where the majority of your income will come from. This is where the income starts, but the majority of the income long-term comes from helping these people, in fact finding perhaps, 10 or 20 of these people who are going to engage in building the business with you and helping them to create teams of thousands. I’d much rather have one good person that I could help to create a team of tens of thousands, than having ten-thousand people that I personally have to sponsor just in terms of time and creating myself a lot of work.
But the network marketing, endless networking marketing funnel is a funnel whereby we understand that usually, the prospects are coming into the funnel and this is usually where we think they fall into the funnel, they join our team and that’s it. But if you think about the endless funnel, the funnel continues further down. That means when somebody joins your team, it’s only the start. We know that their next step is to get to the first rank and then the step after is to get to next rank, and next rank and finally get them to the top rank in your company. And if you think about the endless funnel continue to go down is just knowing that the majority of our income, that the big money really comes in helping people to continue to progress. Create massive organisations out of one, or two leaders that you personally sponsor. And guess what? Understanding also in this funnel, that you may be identifying leaders who you didn’t personally sponsor, that you will work with very closely in creating massive duplication.
So, as you’re working in your network marketing business, just remember, that the real money is in duplication, that it’s about endlessly going deep inside our organisations and helping it to duplicate and so as you’re working apart from just focusing on sponsoring and continue going through new people. Make sure you have processes and systems in place so that you can increase your duplication and that’s how your income and your results will exponentially increase.

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