What Metrics Do Venture Capitalists Use to Evaluate SaaS Businesses?

Being a founder on a journey to raise funds can sometimes be daunting as the process can look like a black box. You may wonder “what are venture capitalists doing with all the data given to them?”

SaaS enterprise companies are great businesses to look at because they are scalable with predictable recurring revenue (so long as you provide value and your customers keep paying you each and every month).

But it also means that they rely largely on future revenue which makes customer retention more critical.

At Jungle Ventures, we aim to partner with future leaders that build category defining businesses that stand the test of time.

So in today’s video, Alice Besomi, VP of Investments at Jungle Ventures, shares what metrics VCs look at, and how venture capitalists evaluate SaaS businesses (so that they can build to last).

0: 00 – How venture capitalists evaluate SaaS businesses
0: 21 – Scaling a SaaS businesses
0: 56 – Is there a product market fit?
1: 33 – What is growth accounting?
2: 15 – Can you scale profitably?
3: 04 – Why the sales cycle is important
3: 46 – The metrics we are looking at
4: 52 – In summary


Jungle Ventures is a Singapore based Venture Capital Firm that invests in regional or global technology category leaders from Asia.

We collaborate closely with Founders to build the intrinsic value of their company by building a scalable organization and providing dependable long-term capital.

We have grown to become one of Southeast Asia’s largest independent venture capital firms.

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