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Hey what’s up everyone James Hurst hear this like take 3 so don’t ever get discouraged if you if you don’t go live on take one and things just in a bad internet Tech problems it just happens I’ve had Mike’s go dead anyways so just want to quickly jump in here tonight thank everyone in my group for that the others are participating and they’re going live being vulnerable you know introducing themselves train what they’re doing it’s been awesome I’m going to lose a lot of Facebook group members tonight because I made the challenge that if you’re not going to go live then you’re going to get kicked out but you do got to go live and. Anyway so I just want to talk about a few things right that I’ve seen as a Facebook group admin I get to see the these three questions that I asked when people come into the end of the group right and the marketing doesn’t ask for the for the email address and that’s how I’m going to die. Ever like the bonuses I promised the clickfunnels trainings and share funnels cetera access to the group but the other one is are you already in a Philly a quick loans or are you like already plugged into that the other one is you know are you using clickfunnels already right and the thing I noticed a lot was that people were saying that they were using clickfunnels but they weren’t signed up yet for the affiliate program and or they weren’t really plugged into that side of things so I just wanted to like. Fix that little issue you could say and kind of educate on that topic so far so if you’re interested in anything regarding the email the recurring Revenue side of things with a referral referral marketing for clickfunnels then I recommend yelling this. Facebook Avengers group right so this is the affiliate side of things for clickfunnels where about $40,000. Hang out and share alike are tips and strategies in question and get plugged in there so here’s the thing if you already have clickfunnels then you’re already an affiliate you just need to know where to go where to get your links right and all you do come to the dashboard like normal come over here to the right hand side. And click on the dollar sign Affiliates okay this is going to be the back inside of things and it will show your daily in your lifetime earnings what you want to do is just scroll down and get to your affiliate links here click on the first blue tabby yet. And that will take you to your little coward counter so this is like the dream car program if you refer a hundred people to clickfunnels they’ll pay a car payment for you and you’ll see that I’m coming and I’m working my way towards the the first hundred there so I got 23 people but. Get your the basic link to share with people yours and keep scrolling down to the 14-day free trial link right skip all this stuff. Just keep going down so you get to this part right here and this is the the best place to start just saying hey your local business your family or friend if you want to try out 14 day free trial here’s my link and that will get the ball rolling for you to start getting some of those recurring Revenue commission okay so the only thing I want to talk about is a change that I’ve made and how I’m going about in putting people into the group right. So it used to be that use the Facebook admin questions but I found them kind of limited and so I want you to see if you can reverse-engineer what I’m doing now basically a lot of times people come to my profile I’m a. Post I posted in the clickfunnels grouper on N different groups and add value or different things people end up finding me here sometimes right and then. They see this just one call to action so instead of this being the link to the Facebook group right it’s actually a link to up to a click funnel page okay that I built out and you’ll see here quite the difference in in the kind of information right that I’m able to gather I don’t think anybody I’ve seen is doing this. You can hopefully just had an aha moment oh man that is smart right because with this kind of information I’m able to help and serve at a higher level. I know if you’re at 97 month of my time if you’re not using clickfunnels I know if you’ve got funnel hacks right I know what email marketing tool you have if you have one at all right so this is what. I need to come through to join the group right and then they have to go live to so if that’s not for you then don’t bother but so I just wanted to put that out there coming to spell that problem of you know that I’m already signed up for clickfunnels but I don’t know how to share my feelings to you to friends and family or or in my group or whatever and then I want to see an invite those that are interested to join the group and come hang out with us there in the funnel hoarders I’m an expert at hoarding funnels and look forward to serving you as as a Facebook group admin there and wish you guys a good night and we’ll see you next time.

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