Whiteboard Webinar: Integrated Sales+Marketing Funnel = More Sales Leads

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The days of marketing being around releasing PR or generating “brand awareness”, with little proof of generating sales pipeline, are slowly dying off. Now you need to be able to demonstrate clear ROI for your marketing campaigns and one of the best ways to do this is by integrating your marketing activities into the sales organisation’s “funnel”.

I’ve put together a short Whiteboard Webinar where I’ll walk through why having an integrated Sales+Marketing funnel will generate more sales leads, better ROI plus identify what campaigns really deliver those sales leads. I’ve found by taking this integrated approach and utilising sales tools like CRM software, you’ll see incredible results.

I’ll also explain why segmenting your marketing into Inbound and Outbound activities will also help deliver better results.

(Don’t know much about “sales funnels”, inbound or outbound marketing methodologies? No problem, the webinar includes an introduction to them too!)


Learn more at my website: www.paulmurphy101.com

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